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Our smallest do not fall short.

Our children are the future of our country! The DP Stad is therefore campaigning for first-class childcare even outside the regular school hours. Quality standards and proximity are key. The objective is not to merely look after the children, but to support and strengthen them in their personal development.

Luxembourg can achieve it all.
On foot, by bus, train, tramway, bike and car.

Fluid traffic is our priority. That is why the DP Stad plans on further investing into mobility projects such as footpaths and bike lanes or into the bus network and the tramway. But the city centre must remain accessible by car. Thus further parking spaces will be added to the car parks and the P&R zones.

Dwelling together in one house.
Living together in one municipality.

The DP Stad continues to work hard to bring workplace and housing closer to one another. Young people should have the opportunity to keep living in their beloved city. Alongside the creation of housing space, green parks and recreational areas need to be conserved and even extended in our city.